Trauma Counseling
Colorado Springs

Trauma Therapy Colorado Springs, PTSD Counseling

  • Are distressing memories from your past negatively impacting the present?
  • Are you experiencing flashbacks or nightmares of a traumatic event?
  • Have you been feeling emotionally numb, irritable, angry, guilty or unable to sleep?
  • Have you been actively avoiding location, sights, situations and sounds that remind you of the trauma?
  • Do you find yourself turning to drugs and/or alcohol to numb fearful feelings?
  • Do you continue to feel anxious or afraid even when no danger is present?

If you have these symptoms after experiencing or witnessing a physically threatening event, you may have PTSD or a trauma related disorder. PTSD is commonly associated with war veterans, but can also result from natural disasters, sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse or domestic violence. Trauma related disorders can even develop in response to learning about a traumatic event that occurred to a close friend or family member. If you experience these symptoms, you may benefit from trauma therapy. It is important to recognize that this is a very normal reaction to an abnormal situation, and is nothing to be ashamed of! No matter how long ago the trauma occurred, you can find healing and peace.

Studies show that 3.5% of the U.S. population will experience PTSD in any given 12-month period, and 37% of those cases will be classified as “severe.” PTSD and trauma can negatively effect a person’s life for months or even years after the event. The good news is that these conditions are treatable! Trauma counseling (also called psychotherapy) has been found to be the most effective form of treatment for trauma. At my Trauma Therapy Colorado Springs practice I offer trauma-informed counseling for those who may be suffering from a trauma related disorder. With trauma counseling Colorado Springs, I can help you to make sense of your experiences and feelings, develop a plan to stay safe, reestablish trusting relationships and learn coping skills that allow you to live your life fully.

At my Colorado Springs practice, I offer trauma therapy based on what is called the “trauma model.” This means that I allow the trauma survivor, you, to be the expert in your own life; I offer to work together with you as a partner in healing. One of the most important aspects of our work together will be my continued willingness to hear your unspeakable truth, validate your emotions and feelings and empower you to improve your life. As partners in your healing we will work to process your trauma memories so that they no longer plague you and disrupt your life. If you have been suffering from PTSD or other disorder, don’t let another day pass by consumed by this terrible event, trauma counseling can help you!

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