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Addiction is an emotionally charged topic. There is so much stigmatization and shame associated with addiction, it can be a terrifying thing to come to terms with. Let me start this discussion by saying I am an addiction counselor that does not judge. The soul crushing shame and guilt that often surrounds addiction can feel unsurmountable, the last thing you need is an addiction therapist Colorado Springs contributing to those feelings. The awful cycle of using, followed by regret, which then leads to yet another desperate but empty promise to quit can feel demoralizing and humiliating. The threat of losing everything is ever present and real.

Addiction recovery rates rise dramatically with treatment. As an addiction therapist Colorado Springs , I can help you stop this vicious cycle and help you rediscover the strengths you already possess but have somehow lost or forgotten along the path of addiction. Together we will uncover the people, places, things and emotions that trigger the addiction cycle and design a concrete plan to protect against relapse. Through addiction therapy, we will explore the underlying issues that have contributed to addiction and sometimes fueled it, such as trauma, abuse, self-esteem issues, depression or anxiety. Addiction is hard. We will take it one day at a time and not expect perfection. You do not need to go through this alone. You may feel as if it is too late, you are too far gone, your life is too destroyed, or that you are past hope. I don’t buy it and neither should you! It is never too late while you are still living.

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