Relationship Therapy

• Has your relationship become cold, distant or asexual?
• Do you find yourselves arguing about the same things over and over without ever coming to a resolution?
• Are you struggling with physical, emotional or financial infidelity?
• Have you recently experienced a major life transition such as job loss/change, moving, separation, birth of a child, death or serious illness?
• Have you fallen out of love?
• Do you feel more like roommates than lovers?

All you see around you are happy couples “in love.” You wonder what their secret is, and what has gone wrong in your relationship. It seems like everyone else is smiling and cuddling and you and your partner can’t even look at each other. You used to feel like you couldn’t wait until the next time you saw your partner, now you dread going home.

If any or all of this sounds familiar, than couples counseling may be just what your relationship needs! At my Colorado Springs practice I offer couples counseling to all relationships in need, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or lifestyle. If your relationship is in trouble, the first thing you need to know is that all couples have challenging times, and that all relationships need love and nurturing to endure long-term. If your relationship is in trouble, don’t give up! There is always hope of rekindling the spark you felt when you first met each other.


Long-term relationships can sometimes bring out the worst in us. Bringing two imperfect people together can make things complicated very quickly. Unresolved issues from past experiences may negatively impact the present. Hurt feelings and misunderstandings, left unresolved, can lead to resentment and even spiteful behavior. Differences in attachment styles can wreak havoc to connection and intimacy (for example, one person’s need for space may cause the other to panic and fear abandonment). Then, when conflict arises it can be extremely difficult to really listen to our partner’s point of view without defensiveness, projection, insults or drudging up the past.



When the battles lines are drawn and your partner has become the enemy, call a truce with couples counseling in Colorado Springs at A Helping Hand Counseling Services. I can offer understanding and non-judgmental support so that peace agreements can be made. Through couples counseling I can help you and your partner learn the rules of fair fighting, practice truly listening to each other, increase your understanding of each other, discover how to avoid the drama triangle, discover each other’s attachment style, turn your arguments into constructive discussions, learn the most effective ways to show love for each other, and deepen your intimacy. Take this opportunity to resolve conflict, establish more effective ways of communicating, negotiate differences, re-connect emotionally and begin to love each other again.

I will not take sides with either individual in the therapy, so do not let that dissuade you from reaching out. I can help bring love back into your life. Call today for an appointment.

Relationship Counseling Colorado Springs

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